Where to Buy Great Golf Shoes


Rockbottomgolf.com provides high quality golf equipment for every kind of golfer, beginner or veteran. The sport can be financially demanding. But here, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on gears.

Shoes are just as essential as any golf equipment, and you can find some of the most affordable footwear at Rockbottomgolf.com.

These are the site’s grade-A golf shoes from some of the top sports brands out there.

Nike 2013 Heritage Golf Shoes

golf shoeThis premier series of golf shoes is equipped with full-length phylon mid-sole and soft-synthetic leather, giving it its sturdy and stylish feel. The Nike 2013 Heritage is specially designed to be worn in any occasion, whether you are playing or not.

Callaway C Tech Summer Golf Shoes

Callaway is known to make great golf shoes. Their C Tech Summer is no different. Its ortholite insert and eco-friendly microfiber materials give this model its breath-ability, durability and comfort. It is also designed to keep your feet warm and snug during hot seasons. The Callaway C Tech Summer is the perfect ultra-lightweight shoe for you!

Adidas Golf- Crossflex Golf Shoes

Golf equipment are at their best when you can use them for anything. The Adidas Golf – Crossflex is a unique model of golf shoes that provides a durable and breathable body for both running and playing. The ClimaProof technology makes it waterproof for wet terrain or bad weather. The stitching makes it strong and comfortable.

Callaway Del Mar Tech Golf Shoes

Here is a pair of golf shoes that are really classy in look. The Callaway Del Mar Tech is not only an eye-candy but it’s also as strong as other Callaaway shoes. Provided with the same ortholite insert, soft full-grain leather, rubber out-sole, this shoe is a good pick for golfers who are looking for style and substance.

Nike 2012 Air Academy Golf Shoes

Equipped with Nike Platform technology, this pair of golf shoes is great for any occasion. The shoe is made up of soft and water resistant synthetic leather. It also has the same phylon midsole to give its comfortable feel.

Adidas Tour 360 Lite Golf Shoes

Another great model from Adidas, the Tour 360 Lite is a comfortable lightweight. The shoe is equipped with 360Wrap technology to keep your foot safe and stabilized. The Tour 360 is also waterproof, making your feet prepared for rain or wet terrain. Most customers also say that the shoe looks really good and fits well every time.

Puma FAAS Lite Golf Shoes

This pair of golf shoes is probably one of the lightest you will find. The Puma FAAS Lite weighs only 7.9 ounces. It’s designed with ortholite sock liner and microfiber leather to make it comfy and light. The Zero heel-to-toe makes it natural for you to walk off the course, which is also because of the SmartQuill spikeless traction sole.

These are just some of the recommendable golf shoes for the serious and avid golfers. The great thing about all of the above is that they’re all quite versatile in use. These brands are also all reliable, providing the best sports products out there.

The best golf equipment are valued by golfers based on their efficiency, comfort and style. Golf shoes are some of the most sought after golf equipment both by golfers and non-golfers alike.

Golf shoes can be very linear. Some of them can only be worn when you on the course. If you take them elsewhere, they’re bound to get ripped. These lines of golf shoes from different brands will surely provide you all that you need. To check out more, visit Rockbottomgolf.com